M Vista

After attending my sisters graduation from medical school in Columbia, South Carolina…it was time to get some food… so we headed for M. Vista.

What to choose… what to choose… The options on the menu were nearly endless. So to help us decide we thought it was a good idea to get a little something to nibble on. Edamame please… It was my first time trying this and I have to say that I definitely will be having it again.

After careful consideration, and changing my mind half a dozen times I decided to go for my favorite standby at any restaurant. Salmon…

Looks totally delicious right? It was marinated in teriyaki sauce (not my fav… but it worked) and accompanied by fresh green beans and white rice (not pictured)… All in all it was a delicious meal… Now check out some pictures of the interior of the the restaurant… it had a really private atmosphere…

This amazing light was above our table. You’ll see as you read my various posts that I have a thing for interesting light fixtures.
One of the other seating areas

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