Freshness Personified…

So you walk into your local grocery store… and you pick out your favorite fruits… whether it’s Gala Apples, fresh cherries, Anjou Pears, plump raspberries… you put them on your salads, top off your morning cereal… but until you’ve gone to a farmers market and picked them out for yourself you realize you haven’t really lived!

Fresh peaches ready and waiting for you pick them up and carry them home to your table.

There’s nothing like walking around under a crowded tent, with your basket on your arm, and hope in your heart that you will pick the right thing…

Couldn’t just have one picture of these… they were just so plump and absolutely gorgeous!

For a trully gratifying experiences, a farmers market should have a variety, no matter the size of the operation. This particular farmers market, though small did not lack in variety…

Fresh Cantaloupes… ready to be enjoyed!
Mango anyone? Come on you know you’ve always wanted to try one..
Lemons and Limes are oh so divine!
The prices were amazing! Quality fruit and veggies don’t have to break the pocket book!
Pineapples… Not my favorite fruit, but these beauties to tend to convert one!
Tomato… tomaato… potato… patato…
Brush these babies with some olive oil and seasoning, pop ’em in the oven and you’re ready to go!
Last but not least… my favorite fruit in the whole wide world… give it up for the strawberry!

Hope you enjoyed my little trip to the farmers market… in the weeks and months to come I hope to add many more of these expereinces… Stay tuned…

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