Genghis Grill

At first I was a bit hesitant about trying Mongolian… it was something new… so it was hard to know what to expect… was it going to be good?

Finally after thinking about it for a bit… I decided to try out Genghis Grill… and man I was so happy I did! (I think if this grill had been around when Genghis Khan was busy invading the known world… he might have turned out a little different… pick up a bowl of yummy delciousness and put down the spear)

The Entrance…

From the second you walk in the door, you feel like you’re one of the crew… just order your beverage and your waiter (or waitress) will show you to ‘the line’

After picking out the meat… it’s time to add some veg…
More veg… there were defintely alot of choices… I think I mixed way to many things in my bowl!

After the bowl was piled high with meat, veggies… it was time to add some spices…

What to choose… what to choose…

Further on down the line… time to add a sauce… not to worry about making the choice here… there are handy cups and spoons to give any of the sauces a little taste…

After you’re sure everything you want is in your bowl… and the egg is careful balanced (they’re uncooked… until you hand of your bowl to the grill masters…) Walk over to the counter where you can select rice, fried rice, or noddles…

You have to experience this in person… the smells are amazing!

Now the wait begins. You head back to your table. Put up your number… and you wait… The questions that went through your mind at the beginning of your journey resurface again… you hope you made the right choice… that it won’t taste like that science experiment that exploded in high school (not me of course)

And then it arrives!


Looks totally delicious right? It was comfort food at it’s finiest… The price was right, the staff was great, and the food was oh so yummy…

This one’s a keeper!



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