Coffee Shops- Two on Earth

Coffee shops… who isn’t intritgued by them? They have warm beverages to wake you up, and sweet treats to fill you up… I’ve decided to search out the best and yummiest coffee shops in Charlotte and the surrounding area… and I’m starting with Two on Earth.

This little eatiery is located in historic Pineville. I’d been there once before when they first opened for lunch… but decided a few weeks ago it was time to check out their breakfast offerings…

One of the yummy breakfast options…
The menu…

After much indeciton on my part, I finally went with a breakfast sandwhich… Ham and Egg on a english muffin… you really can’t go wrong with that can you?

The Sandwhich…

All and all a very delicious meal… I will definitely be back…

The decor… although the space was smaller, it had a really cozy feel… I loved the teapot/cup display by the door.

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