Dean & Deluca

All you have to do is say those two names and I’m in culinary heaven… I’m thinking of creamy goat cheese on a spinach salad… grilled chicken sandwhiches… delicious sides…

freshly baked cookies…

beautiful cakes…



The Rea Rd shopping area, adjacent to beautiful Ballantyne is home to one of the two Charlotte locations. It’s the smaller of the three locations, but that doesn’t take away from the atmosphere.

The location is also convient as it’s in ‘close’ proximity to where I work…which means occasionally I get to treat myself to something trully yummy whether I’m in the mood for a salad sandwhich or one of their signature soups…

This particular day I was in the mood for a sandwhich and soup… Onto the salad/sandwhich lines!

So many choices…

The weather in the south is notoriously hot during the summer months… and given the fact that I was eatting soup, I decided sit inside… (but here’s a pic of the other seating option…)

Now for my sandwhich… I went with the make your own option… white bread, grilled chicken, lettuce, tomato, mayo… basic… but yummy…


What a sandwhich without soup? I had to have both…


Take a look at some of the other items available for sale…

Maple Syrup anyone?
I really want this… If I ever have room for another herb/spice rack… this is it!
My new lunch bag! $35.00
THE CUPCAKE that I took home with me… yes I did actually make it home

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