Eggs-act-ly… A cooking class all about eggs

This Saturday I had the pleasure of attending the first (of many) cooking classes at Le Cookery located in the Blakeney shopping area in Charlotte, North Carolina.

From the moment we walked into the shop our senses were ensnared, Chef Bill Bingham had already come in early and got the bacon going in the oven, and was ready and waiting for my fellow ‘classmates’ to arrive.

Since we we the first to arrive we got to know a little more about Chef Bill. the fact that he had spent 34 years working for Proctor and Gamble, before he attended Johnson and Wales culinary school, to his time spent at the illustrious  golfing club at Pinehearst. He serves as a personal chef for dinner parties large and small, as well as giving cooking classes at Le Cookery.

When the rest of the class arrived it was time to get started.

The first thing you must have is a non-stick pan. This is essential for cooking eggs. Next turn your burner to medium heat, or medium low.

Rules to go by when picking out eggs:
1) Brown eggs and white eggs are exactly the same thing, they just come from different hens.
2) Make sure you check the date. The fresher the eggs the better… (the yolk will be perky if the egg is fresh, flat if its on it’s last legs as it were.)
3) Don’t store your eggs in the fridge door, but instead in the coolest part fridge.

Sunny side up
Tips of the trade:
– Middle part needs to firm up first…
– You can cover it…
– Important not to let eggs stick.

I got the first eggs of the day, because my favorite are sunny side up. And I have to say these eggs were the best sunny side up eggs I’d ever tasted.

The bacon…

Over-easy, over-medium, over-hard… The difference between these choices all have to do with the yolk and how firm you like it.

Scrambled… Chef Bill added half and half to these, beat the egg (while being careful not to over-beat it) Next came the cheddar cheese ( because you just can’t have scrambled eggs without cheese)

Hardboiled eggs

Tips for hardboiled eggs…
– Place them in an ice bath to cool…
– Run them under cold water while peeling…
– Lightly tap shell against sink, otherwise you’ll crack the egg…

Now for poached eggs… Chef Bill’s favorite…

Boil the water…
Put the eggs in cup…
Ease the eggs into the water…
Remove egg.
Finished product…

Other tips… Put vinegar in your water… This will help the egg to stay together. Turn temperature down before you put the egg in, or else it will be completely blown apart.

The Review:

The Chef went from one technique to the other so seamlessly and with such flare that I couldn’t help but be engaged throughout the entire class… and we even got a little something extra, Chef Bill made us an omelette!

All in all it was a wonderful class, and I look forward to going back to Le Cookery and gaining more culinary experience in future.

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