Savory Spice Shop…

I really hit a ‘gold mine’ when I decided to go to the Atherton Mills Market. Not only did I get to enjoy a market experience, eat at Zucca, but I also go to vist the Savory Spice Shop. (For those of you who know me well, you know how much I love spice shops…)

From the moment I stepped foot through the front door (and then down a few steps) I was transported into another world. The smells were coming at me from every direction… From herbs, to rubs, to dutch cocoa…

Salts… did you know that all salt is sea salt? The only thing that makes one salt different from another is where they are mined from… and the minerals in that area… Cool right?
My favorite herb in the whole wide world!
Freeze dried corn… Now I’m not a huge corn person… but these were amazing!
Helpful packets…
Everything all lined up…

While I didn’t make any purchases on this run (I know very bad of me) My mum picked up some Mexican? Whole Vanilla Beans for the trial run of the poached pears we’re doing for her fall party. (Yes I will share more on that when the time comes)

I was suprised about the different kinds of vanilla beans and why some are paired better with certain things than others… (I guess we’ll find out for ourselves whether or not we picked the right one)

Hopefully my next visit will be to go to one of their spice classes they offer… or to get that bottle of cherry extract I was eyeing…

~the foodie



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