Atherton Mills- Market Series`

A few Saturday back I went to the Atherton Mills Market located on South Blvd. (Charlotte, NC). I’d seen it before, but I’d never been… this was my first (of many) visits to this amazing market.

All of the vendors had been there long before we arrived, and their booths were set up to impress.

First we looked at the honey. Cloisters Honey is honey that is made locally. I’d purchased before from Reid’s Market on Selwyn.

They even had live bees on site. Don’t worry they’re completely contained!

The produce available was bountiful… and when I’m there again I plan on purchasing some…

Another future purchase… local goat cheese that I like to purchase each and every time I visit Earthfare (it’s a ball of creamy yumminess that goes perfectly on the Annie’s Saltines I like)

Note: If you have never had goat cheese before you need to give it a try (especially if you’re dairy intolerant like I am) It’s the best cheese ever, and there are so many varieties.


Rio Bertolini (pasta shop extraordinarie) had all sorts of tasty pasta options… Since I prefer to get my fresh pasta from Pasta and Provisions on Providence… I went with something I just couldn’t leave there without… You guessed it Goat Cheese Ravioli.

My mum went with Pear/Gorgonzola… We’re doing a Pear them for her Fall Party (luncheon) in October… so we thought we’d contine our ‘Year of the Pear’ theme…

Next… what is good pasta without good bread… Dukes had many variety on site… but when I see Italian Rustic bread, you know that’s the one I’m going to pick… There’s just something more authentic about it… Don’t you agree?

Well I hope you enjoyed my little adventure to Atherton Mills. Stay tuned for my piece on Whole Foods (yay we finally have one here!)

~ the foodie


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