Prickly Pear- Mooresville

While on a little day trip to Moorseville I got to try out this amazing Mexican Eatery (right on the shores of Lake Norman)

The cuisine (according to the sign) is Modern Mexican, but I felt it was leaning more towards the Spainish food in many ways…

The decor was perfect in everyway, and we had a beautiful view of the water from our table.

The menu was a little daunting at first (options and combinations that I’ve never seen before)

I decided to play it safe on first time there and go with the Classico section of the menu… Sometimes you just have to go with what you know when trying out a new resturant…

While we waited for our food, we indulged in guac and salsa…

I’m not much of an avocado girl (in fact I’m not one at all) but my mum loves it. This version got her seal of approval.

Chicken Buritto with Mexican Rice and Refried Black Beans

I found the Refried Black Beans is to be really good (even with the serious spice kick you get seconds later) Though if given a choice I’d probably go with pinto beans…

My mum went with the chicken enchilada which she found absolutely amazing… and can’t wait to try again.

Now what would any meal be without dessert… We decided to go for one of their signature desserts (although it was a bit pricey at $9)

Chocolate cake… very rich and oh so delicious!

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