Roosters is located in the South Park Shopping area in Charlotte and is one of the restuants owned by Jim Noble.

This past Sunday (before a cooking class at Williams and Sonoma) my mum and I decided to get a bite to eat.

One interesting thing about the resturaunt that you see when you first walk in is that the kitchen is actually in the middle of the resturaunt.

The far wall is where there are different kinds of roosters, that ‘watch over you’ as you eat.

The seat area while limited, give you just enough space to enjoy yourself without feeling too crowded.

I went with a turkey sandwhich…

My mum went with the Scallop Salad…

While the presentation of the food was good. There was a little to much mayo on my sandwhich… and my mum’s salad was a bit on the peppery side… If I go again I think I’ll go with something else…

~the foodie


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