Whole Foods

Whole Foods has finally come to Charlotte and I couldn’t be more excited. I visited this amazing store for the first time the day after they opened… and let me tell you it was wall to wall people. I snapping pictures any chance I got… one here one there… careful not to invade anyone’s person space which is hard not to do when you are surrounded on all sides.

I’ll get those photos in a sec… but let me gush for a few moments here… This place has everything… I mean I could live there it’s so completely amazing… They have a cafe… hot food, full salad bar (unlike anything you’ve ever seen…) olive bar, soup, and even a make your own trail mix bar…

Then there is the fromagerie (cheese) where they have every kind of cheese your could wish for (I’m addicted to chevre… goat cheese… b/c with the whole lactose intolerance thing goat cheese doesn’t seem to bother me)

On to the vitamin/beauty section… where you can get some vitamin to help you feel better and some beauty items to make you look better…

Next… the meats… where you can get salmon cakes seasoned a variety of ways… (love salmon) there’s also crab, lobster… chicken… beef…

Moving on dried mushrooms for cooking, mixing into soups, rows of different dried beans for stews, then your oats, sugars, peanut/almond butters… fresh honey… Colorful fruits… vegetables… and while you’re at it why not grab some fresh flowers from the florist?

This is in a nut shell (well maybe very large coconut shell) the details of my first trip to Whole Foods… and I can hardly wait to go again…

Enjoy the photos…

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