Anyone for Bagels?

I love bagels… I love them with eggs and mushrooms, I love them with freshly sliced chicken, tomatos, lettuce and mayo, and I love with even just by themselves!

One of the my favorite shops in the whole world (well Charlotte) is Einsteins Bagels… unfortunately until recently I rarely made it over to my little bagel haven on South Blvd…. but now they’ve built one in Ballantyne I couldn’t be more happy…

Now since I’m usually on my way to my day job when I stop for my morning fix, I opt for the drive through window (a wonderful option that I’m extremely greatful for) but a few weekends ago… well more than a few I’ve been a busy girl… I decided to pop in on a Saturday (the perfect start to a day of errands)

May I take your order?
The food options… If you leave here without a Baker’s Dozen… it’s a miracle…

I went with my standards…

Apple juice…
THE Sandwhich… egg, mushroom, spinach… no swiss (dairy intolerant here)

My mum went with a panini egg sandwhich… she loves the panini’s!!!

Another upside to this particular location is space… It’s really well layed out, with plenty of room…

All in all I love this new addition to my favorite chain of bagel shops… So if you’re around the Ballantyne area check ’em out.


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