It’s a New World Olive Oil…

This past Saturday we stumbled in a culinary treasure. While out for lunch at Nolens Kitchen I noticed the sign for New World Olive Oil across the street. Now given our passion for olive oil (and my mum’s passion for balsamics) we knew we just had to go and check it out.

Up until this point we had learned many different facts about olive oil from tasty combinations to health benefits, but here we learned something that made us think about Olive Oil in a whole new way.

The first thing owner Chris Reilly let us taste was his 25 year old balsamic. It has a flavor that stands all alone and it definitely packs a punch. So if you love balsamics this is one you want in your culinary arsenal.

Next onto the olive oils. This is where we had our first ‘ah-ha’ moment. Bring on the Millers Blend. This distinct full bodied olive oil had one flavor folded into the mix that my mum noticed. An earthy mix with a nutty undertone, which she mentioned to the owner. Her suspicions where confirmed when we were told that there is an walnut grove across the road from where the olives are grown and milled.

So now we know like wines (and cheese) the environment around them can have an impact on the taste of the finished product.

Next we moved onto the fused olive oils. Yes, fused. Up till now we’d mostly dealt with infused olive oils which we’d bought for their distinct flavor, but this tends to hide the taste of the olive oil. With Fused oils the olives are milled along with the fruit or herb going along with them.

I tried the lemon, lime, basil (of course!), and rosemary.

Olive oils and balsamics are not the only thing this shop has to offer. There are wonderful dips and jams to taste along with lovely gift baskets ready to give to that favorite foodie of yours.

The decor only added to the feel of the shop… I enjoyed snapping a few pictures of the front table display which was all decked out for fall. All in all an amazing culinary experience and I plan on stopping by again very soon.

So here’s a recap…

– Fused… Fruit,Herb etc. milled with olives
– Infused… Flavor added to the olive oil and can mask over flavor of olives
– Like wine olive oils can pick up the flavors of things in the earth around them. While with cheese what the animal grazes on has the most affect on flavor.

New World Olive Oil: 2904 Selwyn Ave. Charlotte, Nc 28209 704.375.8433


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