Starbucks is a Starbucks… Baxter Edition

Tall, Grande, Venti… Espresso, Chai, Frappucino… So many choices… but that’s not the only quandray that an Starbucks lover must face.

It’s also a matter of which Starbucks to go to. Sure they are popping up everywhere from outdoor shopping centers, busy street corners… or even our favorite neighborhood grocery stores.

So I’ve decided to start trying them all out. Starting with one of my nearest Starbucks located in Baxter Village (Fort Mill).

There’s plenty of seating whether you want to find a corner to hole up in…

Or you prefer to get some fresh air with your cup of deliciousness.
Be sure to check out the board for local events… So wish I could have seen that play…

What did I order you ask? Well my usual (no matter what the weather) is Venti, Soy Hot Chocolate, No Whip. But this time I went with my other favorite (whether hot or iced) Venti, Soy Chai Latte. My choice of accompaniment? A slice of their Banana Walnut Bread… Mmm…

Before we left my mum and I decided to pick up two of their limited edition fall mugs. And we got them just in time.

Can’t wait to use these lovely mugs…

So what is your favorite Starbuck drink? Is their a tasty treat that you just can’t leave the shop without? I’d love to hear your thoughts…


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