Olive This!

Olive This!
Olive This!

Olive This is a lovely little olive oil shop that I discovered over Christmas break. Located in the Rea Road area this charming little olive oil shop has much to offer… especially when it comes to their balsamic selections.

Olive oil...
Olive oil…

While they had a selection of olive oils both fused and infused… The biggest draw for my mum was their selection of white and dark balsamics.


We purchased some Blenheim Apricot White Balsamic on this trip and according to their website this lovely balsamic has a tart taste with a honeysuckle scent that is sure to put you in mind of those lovely summer days…

Sweet almond...
Roasted Almond… yum!

While there we learned yet another way to enjoy balsamics… Add a tablespoon of your favorite flavor of balsamic to some seltzer water and you’ll give your tastebuds a delicious treat!

6414 Rea Rd, Charlotte, Nc 28277


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