The foodie says…

… it’s time to spread the foodie love. So welcome to the first edition of ‘the foodie says’… and let’s get started shall we?

Every night when I get home from work, it’s time to get started on dinner. I know I know… it’s been a long day and you’re  going to come home and slave away in the kitchen? Really?

Well the simple fact of the matter is that no matter how tired you are, you need food… so if you’re going to make it had better be good. Now with the whole lack of light thing thanks to the short winter evenings there won’t be any pictures of the amazing fettuccine, panko breaded chicken and steamed veggies… but I’m not totally without a heart…

I’m taking an opportunity to share some of my evening foodie past times that I can’t seem to do without. First let me introduce a few blogs that I discovered for the first time tonight.

First The Kitchy Kitchen I love the delicious photos, and the very informative videos… maybe I need to give the whole Vimeo thing a whirl?


Next there is the Pastry Affair where pictures, words, and quotes insnare both the mind and the senses. Seriously the pictures are so beautiful you feel like you actually ate some of the delicious pastry yumminess yourself.

pastry affair
pastry affair

Honey & Jam… I love both of those things… so what’s not to love about a blog that has two of my favorite things in the title? I love the whole rustic feel behind the photos… and I cannot wait to put my own special twist to a Georgia Peach Pie…


Sensing a theme here aren’t we? Yes, this foodie wants to learn more about baking… first step? Probably a bread making class, you have to start with the basics right? Then possibly a pastry class where I can learn to make delicious desserts that are sure to make your mouth water. But until then I will just look and dream… of savory scones, cupcakes with buttercream icing, and strawberry trifles.



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