Liebster Award Nomination


First let me thank Ewehouse who nominated for Liebster blog award. I hadn’t heard of it before, but after doing some research I’m honored that thelifeandtimesofafoodie is being considered!

You can visit Linda’s blog @

So here’s for my 11 Random Facts:

  1. I absolutely love basil, it’s pretty much my favorite spice ever, and I would put it on everything if I could.
  2. Goat cheese, another favorite thing of mine. As some of you may know dairy products are not my friend.
  3. I have a 10 year old ‘dog child’ named Lexi. She’s a papillon, which is the french word for butterfly.
  4. I bought my first professional camera six months ago, and want to be a photojournalist someday.
  5. Although I live in Charlotte, I hope to make London, England my hometown.
  6. When I was 8 I moved from one end of the US (California) to the other (North Carolina)
  7. I adore cooking classes and learning creative ways to work with food (my mum says it’s because I think playing with food is fun!)
  8. I want to learn to knit, but for the present I live vicariously through others (my mum) and allow her to make me all sorts of scarves, fingerless gloves and other knitted lovelies.
  9. I love making jewelry, and have had my own shop on etsy since 2010 (ChristasCollections)
  10. I love fog.
  11. I love going to fresh food markets, and one of my first stops in London will be the Borough Market, followed by the Camden market…

Linda’s Questions:

  1. What was YOUR most embarrassing moment? It’s been awhile… and I could possibly be in denial…
  2. What is the one vivid dream you recall? Do you think it had any special significance? Some of my dreams would make Stephen King curl up in corner, so I think I should probably keep them to myself.
  3. If you could eat one last meal before you die, what would it be? Goat cheese quiche, fresh argula salad with pears and Gremolata olive oil, vanilla ice cream with raspberry chocolate balsamic on top…
  4. What is one book you enjoyed and would recommend? Well I haven’t finished it yet, but I’d recommend “Me Before You” by Jojo Moyes.
  5. What is one irrational fear you have? Heights.
  6. What is one treasured childhood memory? Every Valentines day my mum, sister and I would have a tea party. Even till this day we always make Valentines Day special.
  7. What is one sight/sound/smell that makes you feel nostalgic? Why? Freshly baked bread. Makes you feel warm and happy inside.
  8. What is one commonly misunderstood aspect about yourself? That I’m shy/quiet. Once you get to know me, you realize that I  have lots of things to talk about.
  9. What is one thing you’d like to try but have never dared to do? Take salsa lessons (dancing not the condiment)
  10. What is one principle that you hold fast to? Always tell the truth.
  11. How has blogging changed your life? It has opened doors and possibilities that I could never have imagined.

Now for my questions:

  1. If you could go anywhere in the world where would it be?
  2. What is your favorite food ever?
  3. Of all the places you’ve ever visited what is your favorite?
  4. Chocolate or Vanilla?
  5. Who is your favorite classic actor/actress?
  6. Favorite movie?
  7. Canon or Nikon?
  8. Favorite blog/ blogs?
  9. Favorite book?
  10. Where would you live if you could move anywhere in the entire world?
  11. What famous chef would you want to over for dinner?

I’d love to hear your answers, so send me the link to your post!

Here are my nominations for the Liebster Award…


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