Welcome to the first salad post of spring! Since we visited our first farmers market of the season, and planted our first ever herb garden, I thought a nice spring salad would be the perfect evening meal. You can really go two different ways with this salad, fruity or mostly veggie. The choice is really up to you.

When it comes to the cheeses, well there really isn’t much of a choice for me. It’s goat cheese, goat cheese and more goat cheese… not that I’m remotely upset about it… I recently was introduced to mozzarella goat cheese (fab!) and picked up some Bosky Farms Goat Cheese at the farmers market I went to today, Honey Walnut & Garlic Chive.

Can you guess which one I like more?

Now, as far as cheeses you can go with crumbly cheese, shredded, cottage, or goat cheese medallions. Remember when I made them for that blueberry pear salad way back when?

As for dressings, you don’t want anything too heavy. Remember, this is a spring salad. Your produce is fresh and begging to be enjoyed, so you don’t want to weigh it down with a heavy salad dressing that will mask the taste.

What do you suppose I’m alluding to here?

Good ol’ balsamics and EVOO. My choice for the salad, Tuscan Herb EVVO (a.k.a. my most recent obsession.) If you’re looking for a more fruity flavor, give Meyer Lemon a try. If balsamics are more your thing, I’d probably go with a Blueberry or Strawberry Balsamic.

Like a bit of both? Well, my #1 suggestion is Blueberry Balsamic and Meyer Lemon EVOO.

Fresh Veggies
Fresh Veggies
Nuts and Shrooms
Nuts and ‘shrooms
Berries and dried yumminess
Berries and dried yumminess
List of Ingredients...
List of Ingredients…



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