Anywhere.Anyplace. – Buenos Aires Edition

Welcome to the first Anywhere. Anyplace. Post…

This is a new foodie series that I’m quite excited about. Like many people I’m obsessed with Pinterest. It’s seriously addicting, but it’s also very inspiring. You can find cool recipes to try, exciting places to add to the list of things you want to see, share your sense of style. The possibilities are endless.

Since I’ve been thinking a lot about warmer weather, I thought I’d start off with Buenos Aires.

Muma's Cupcakes | Buenos Aires, Argentina
Muma’s Cupcakes | Buenos Aires, Argentina

1. Muma’s Cupcakes– Whether you are in the mood for cupcakes or muffins this is the place to go for something trully delicious. They also have speciality items for those who suffer from diabetes, or have celiac disease.

What I would try? 

  • Red velvet cupcakes
  • Banana nut muffins
Oui Oui
Oui Oui  | Buenos Aires, Argentina

2. Oui, Oui – is a french restaurant owned by the 30-year old Rocio Garcia Orza. They have delicious breads and desserts and also offer brunch.

What would I try?

  • Pain au chocolat (with a lot of lactaid pills.
Cafe Crespin | Villa Crespo, Buenos Aires
Cafe Crespin | Villa Crespo, Buenos Aires

3. Cafe Crespin – They offer a fixed-plate brunch that sounds delicious… You have your choice of coffee of tea (tea please!) cinnamon bun or lemon poppyseed poundcake or brownie, toast the preserves, scrambled eggs, salmon or bacon.

What would I try?

  • French Toast
  • Super brownie
Malvon I Buenos Aires, Argentina
Malvon I Buenos Aires, Argentina

4. Malvon – Despite the yummy muffins and pastries above. There is one thing I know I would try in this chic restaurant… If you know me, or read my blog regularly I’m sure you’ll figure out my favorite brunch dish.

What would I try?

  • Eggs Benedict
  • Peach French Toast
The Pick Market | Buenos Aires
The Pick Market | Buenos Aires

5. The Pick Market– This market looks amazing… and would be the perfect place to go if you wanted to pick up some fresh produce to make your own culinary dish while in Buenos Aires.

Check out this video…

You can keep track of all my Anywhere. Anyplace. posts on my page dedicated to this new series… So until next time….



One thought on “Anywhere.Anyplace. – Buenos Aires Edition

  1. Wow – wouldn’t all those be great to visit! You need to get to traveling! Someday it will happen for you – and then you can post your own pictures of Buenos Aires and London and Paris!

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