From the Foodies Herb Garden: Forest of Dill

Our flourishing dill.
Our flourishing dill.

So far we’ve made dill pizzas… but soon we will make a lot more recipes using our bountiful amounts of dill.

Check out these cool facts about dill:

  • It’s an annual plant, native to southern Russia and the Mediterranean.
  • Fresh leaves and seeds are the parts of the plant used in cooking.
  • Freezing preserves the flavor of your dill more than simply drying it. You can freeze the stems intact and cut off what you need when preparing your dish.
  • Always add dill at the end of cooking otherwise it will lose much of their flavor.
  • Dill is most often used in fish and seafood dishes.
  • Combines well with basil, capers, garlic, mustard and parsley.



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