The American Baking Competition


Yes, this foodie has fallen for a reality show, (something I’ve never watched in the past) but since it had to do with baking (something I’m trying to do more of) I decided to give it a chance.

Two episodes of this Jeff Foxworthy hosted show have run so far, and this week was the first elimination I wasn’t happy about.

(Whitney Appleton, 21 from Texas)
(Whitney Appleton, 21 from Texas)

The first episode dealt with Pies and Tarts, and Carlos over use of flavors and odd  ingredient combinations sent him packing. The second episode revolved around Cookies (an all-time favorite dessert) and Whitney fell to the bottom of the stack when her lemon cookies and chai tea macaroons failed to meet the judges expectations.

Who did I think should be eliminated? Overly confident Bryan (owner of a marketing firm in Illinois) or wanna-be player James (a photographer currently hailing from Hollywood, California.) It became clear mid-way through the first episode that both men thought they brought the most to the table, and that they could do no wrong when it came to the desserts they served up to the judges.

Who are my current favorites so far?

The American Baking Competition airs Wednesdays @ 8pm/ET on CBS.


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