The American Baking Competition – Week 3

Marcela's Recipe- Orange Chiffon
Marcela’s Recipe- Orange Chiffon

So the focus for week three of ‘The American Baking Competition’ was all about cakes. As always the first bake-off revolves around the bakers ‘star’ recipe… and as I expected Elaine won that challenge with her Coconut Pineapple Upside Down Cake, which left Judge Paul Hollywood homesick.

For the second part of the competition, the contestants were given the recipe for Marcela’s Orange Chiffon Cake. With a list of ingredients, but few instructions the bakers had only their skills to help them create the perfect Chiffon Cake. Francine took the lead in the portion of the contest, making up for the Soda Pop Cake she made in round one.

At the end of the last round (where the inside of your cake needed to be as spectacular as in the outside) Jeremy’s pie within a cake didn’t turn out, and cost him his place in the competition.

Jeremy Cross
Jeremy Cross



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