The tale of three mints…

3 Mints
3 types of mint

We are currently growing three types of mint in our little herb garden, so I thought I’d share a bit about each of our mints.

Orange Mint – the perfect addition if you want a hint of citrus in your tea, or culinary dish. The leaves are described as tasting like candied orange peels, but I just love smelling the mellow citrus smell of our own orange mint plant.

Sweet Mint – The most commonly used mint, the fresh leaves can be added from everything from teas to desserts. You can also make some delicious simple syrup for adding to iced teas, a very refreshing idea for the summer season. (Recipe coming soon)

Chocolate Mint – this particular mint has dark green or purples leaves. It is good to use on chocolate desserts or as a garnish on iced cream.

Interesting Mint Facts:

  • Mint is native to southern Europe and the Mediterranean.
  • The aroma of mints is due to menthol. The positive effects of eating mint is it cools your mouth (which is probably why mint is often used when ‘hot’ or ‘spicy’ dishes are served. It can be added to a refreshing drink, or as a sauce with the main course.
  • Fresh mint will keep up to two days in a glass of water. Leaves can also be chopped, mixed with water and added to ice cube trays.



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