The American Baking Competition – Week 4

This week on The American Baking Competition, the focus was on breads. The bakers had to bring their A-game to the table this week if they were going to impress Judge Paul Hollywood.

Paul Hollywood
Paul Hollywood

The first bake of the evening was bakers specialties. The thing I liked best about this segment was when Paul told Brian the important thing about being star baker is having humility, something that makes a star baker.

The second bake, pit the bakers against each other in a race to create the perfect pretzel (one of Paul’s specialities) with all the ingredients, but as always, few instructions.

While the bakers did their ‘thing’ we were introduced to how the pretzel made its appearance in the USA, (Pennsylvania Dutch) and how the brown crust was not intentional at all.

After the judges gave their critiques, I couldn’t help but give a squeal of delight when Darlene, a Project Manager from Georgia, finally got her first Star Baker.


I couldn’t help but feel bad for Effie in this episode though. I so wanted her pear croissants to turn out, but in the end I think they sent the right person home.


Kolette was not cut out for the pressure of the competition from the start, and she needed to be relieved from her misery.

What am I looking forward to most next week? The possibility of Francine giving Brian what-for… take ’em to the back of the woodshed style. Does this make me vindictive? I think not.


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