The American Baking Competition – Weeks 5 & 6


I’m quite behind on my reviews on the latest episodes of The American Baking Competition, but with the finale coming up next week… I decided to catch up!

Week 5 – Meringues…

This week was a better week for James, both with the signature bake and the techincal. The show stopper however, was a complete gooey mess. I looked at the screen saying, ‘Don’t do that!” in utter futility as James decided his cake was to tall and dissembled the whole thing. Really. James. Really?!

The weeks star baker for the 2nd time was Darlene. A very good decision on the judges part, as she is quickly becoming one of my favorites.


The promised ‘woodshed’ moment between Francine and Brian didn’t happen. Only a brief comment to the judges about Brian ruining her meringue adding the topping to his with the door open.


This week marked the end of the line for Effie, who I hoped would make it to the finale from the beginning.

Keep on baking Effie!

Moving onto Week 6… French Pastries!

Signature bake- Tart Tatin…

  • Darlene’s Cranberry Pear Tart Tatin had the perfect top.
  • James Asian Pear Tart Tain, while pretty had not taste.
  • Brian’s French Onion got a good review, but Francine and Elaine’s efforts failed techinically.

Technical Bake – Paul Hollywood’s Napoleons

What makes up a Napoleon?

  • 3 layers of puff pastry
  • 1 layer of chocolate ganache
  • 2 whipped cream

Show stopper – Choux Tower (a tower of cream puffs with various fillings)

Brian's Showstopper
Brian’s Showstopper

Much to my chagrin, the over confident and seriously annoying Brian won Star baker this week… and Elaine and James went home.

There are three contestants heading into this weeks finale… and I already know who I want to win. Do you?



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