It’s My Jam Series: INNA Jam

Who doesn’t love jam? Whether it’s sweet or savory you can put jam on just about anything. (You didn’t think it was only for toast did you?)

I’ve decided to do some highlight posts on different jams and jelly’s that we try, and for this first post I want to talk about INNA Jam.

I discovered them while reading one of the many blogs I follow, and decided to give them a try.

Based out of California, this company offers a wide range of jams from sweet to seriously spicy. I’m talking jalapeno spicy… and while my mum is taking a ride on the wild side with her increasingly love for all things spicy… I decided to go with something… well… safer.

My three jams (The smallest are 2oz sample sizes) arrived well packed with a handwritten thank you note.
My three jams (The smallest are 2oz sample sizes) arrived well packed with a handwritten thank you note.

Now, let’s go through the jams one by one shall we?

First, we have Polka Raspberry. The fresh organic Raspberries used in this jam are from Yerena Farm in Watsonville, California. It’s got a lovely tart flavor and when you mix it with goat cheese… well I think you are just gonna have to try it, because there are no words. Really. No. Words.

Polka Raspberry
Polka Raspberry $12

Next, we have the two sample sizes (at $5 each)… First a new love of ours. Meyer Lemon. It’s sunshine in a jar and the perfect mixture of tart and sweet.  It’s made from fresh, organic (yes, my favorite words for this post) Meyer Lemons grown in Capay, California. Really delicious and fabulous on goat cheese pizzas. Really. FAB-U-LOUS!

Meyer Lemon Jam
Meyer Lemon

Lastly… we have the Pink Lady Apple Jam made with fresh, organic Pink Lady Apple’s from Linden, California. One bite of this jam and I was in the middle of a ‘You Got Mail’ moment (you know the phrase about freshly sharped pencils and school supplies.) Give your favorite teacher a jar of this and maybe you’ll get a few A’s on that report card…

Pink Lady Apple
Pink Lady Apple

So, what am I trying next? Pluots, Apricot and Tayberry are on the short list. Want to try some INNA jam goodness for yourself? Well just click here to go straight to their website.

Stay tuned for my upcoming post on one delicious way I tried out my collection of jams…




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