Anywhere. Anyplace. London Calling (Part 1)

Ah, London… my future home. There are so many exciting foodie adventures to be had around the world, but one of the food markets I want to see most in London is the Borough Market… but alas this post isn’t all about that particular market. (I’ll post about it when I see if for myself.) No, this post is about some of the cafe’s and eateries I plan to check out someday.

Albion Café I London
Albion Café I London

1. Albion Cafe – is a small cafe where most of the items to enjoy are quintessentially British and can be enjoyed by the locals and guests of the adjoining hotel as well.

What would I try?

  • Egg Breakfast sandwich & a blueberry raspberry peach smoothie… (for breakfast)
  • Afternoon tea (the dark chocolate honeycomb tart sounds delicious!)
Bill's I London
Bill’s I London

2. Bill’s (London) – Bill’s started off small, when the owner’s father bought a little shed where he could sell fruits and vegetables… and from there Bill’s opened several locations throughout England.

What would I try?

  • Free ranch poached eggs on a english muffin (for breakfast)
  • Brushetta with heirloom tomatoes, basil and fresh goat cheese (for lunch)
  • Afternoon Tea (to try some of the Bill’s Hedgerow Fizz and some yummy finger sandwiches)
Bistrot Bruno Loubet at The Zetter Hotel I London
Bistrot Bruno Loubet at The Zetter Hotel I London

3. Bistro Bruno Loubet– a Bistro on the ground floor of The Zetter Hotel, offers sophisticated food and friendly service (per their website) and is one of London’s most popular restaurants.

What would I try?

  • Crumpets (without the lashings of butter, but plenty of jam)
  • The Veggie Works (poached eggs, avocado, spinach, grilled tomato and roasted mushrooms)
Café Luc I London
Café Luc I London

4. Cafe Luc – A Classic Brasserie located in Marylebone High Street. The Menu features classic French and Belgian dishes. What’s not to like?

What would I try?

  • Goat Cheese Salad or Chicken in Champagne (Lunch)
  • Sorbet (for dessert)
  • Afternoon Tea
Creperie du Monde | London
Creperie du Monde | London

5. Creperie de Monde – The restaurant opened in September 2010 in London’s Hackney neighborhood. It is a place where locals and foodies alike can enjoy an infusion of international flavors.

What would I try?

  • The online menu is currently being updated… but the answer is obvious. Crepes.
Dishroom I London
Dishoom I London

6. Dishoom – I’ve only had Indian food a few times, but this cafe that serves food from Bombay might be worth a try.

What does Dishoom mean? It’s the term used for an old Bollywood film sound effect when the hero lands a punch.

What would I try?

  • House Granola and some Chai (for breakfast)
  • Samosas
HOMA I London
HOMA I London

7. HOMA – is owned by an Italian/Turkish couple who met in London 20 years ago and decided to open a restaurant together.

What would I try?

  • French Toast (for breakfast)
  • Linguine with fresh pesto and potatoes (for lunch)
Jamie's Italian | Gatwick Airport, UK
Jamie’s Italian | Gatwick Airport, UK

8. Jamie’s Italian – If I found myself stopped over at Gatwick Airport, I would probably have to give Jamie’s Italian a try. After all Jamie Oliver was one of the first British chefs I used to watch on the Food Network.

What would I try?

  • Crab and Avocado Bruschetta (this could be good, or hideous, but worth a try)
  • Proscuitto and Shaved Pear Salad
  • Sorbet for dessert.

Well, that’s it for round one of London Calling. Stay tuned for part two and three.



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