The Crushed Olive – Big City Meets Small Town USA

A few weekends ago we headed up to Hickory. My mum needed to have some chairs made for her design studio, and everyone who knows anything about handmade furniture knows that Hickory, NC is the place to go.

While there we made several unexpected culinary finds, and The Crushed Olive was one of them. Located in the ‘old town’ Main Street, The Crushed Olive was in a word, a revelation. Tucked in between clothing shops, realtors and restaurants was this gem of a olive oil store.

The Crushed Olive is based out of New York state where there are several locations, but this is the first location that has made it down south.

Olive oils and balsamics were not the only thing this amazing little store had to offer. They sell pasta, honey, speciality salts/rubs, jams, jelly’s and butters. Want to get a selection of items? Well, just pick up one of the gift baskets that are placed around the store.

Olive Oils and Balsamics are available in three different sizes and prices vary depending on the your selection. I suggest trying a few to help you narrow it down, otherwise you’ll walk out with the store!

While we purchased a few olive oils we were out of (Garlic Olive Oil, which is perfect for sautéing etc) and my personal favorite of the moment (Tuscan Herb, which I put on everything from salads to pizza) we purchase a few other items as well.

One item I know I’m going to sample the next time I’m in the store is…

Lavender Balsamic
Lavender Balsamic

Curious to see what we walked away with?

The haul
2 bottles of Olive Oil, 2 packages of specialty pasta, 1 jar of blackberry butter (not pictured) and 1 olive dish towel.



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