Chocolat Boutique – Baxter

“Chocolate… Who doesn’t love it? It’s dark, sweet and comforting… the ultimate dessert.”

The Chocolat Boutique has been in Baxter Village since 2007, but a few Saturday’s ago, I visited it for the first time. Before I made any decisions, I walked around the shop making sure I’d taken all the delicious possibilities into account before making my choice.

I went with the box of four. Which meant two for me, and two for mum.

  • Acorn Praline
  • Orange Burst
  • Smooth Caramel
  • Vanilla Bean Truffle Cup

Once I’d made my selection, I was faced with another choice. Which ribbon did I want to have tied around my box of chocolaty decadence?


Now, for the photo shoot of the goodies. Let the drooling and jealousy commence.

Want some chocolates from the Chocolat Boutique? Well, you can either visit their shop in Baxter Village, or shop online.

Chocolat Boutique 1012 Market Street, Fort Mill, SC


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