Fall trip to Davidson Farmers Market…

I know, it’s been awhile since I last posted, so I thought I would share about the last Davidson Farmers Market trip of the season.


We drove up to Davidson on Saturday Nov. 2nd just a few days before our little fall mini-break to the Fearrington Inn (see my blog theavidpen.) We were in search of carrots and radishes and we certainly found what we were after, as well as getting the chance to see this years fall leaves before they left us.

So let’s check out some of the pictures of the leaves before we get to the produce shall we?

Note: The pictures with the pond in view are from the Roosevelt Wilson Park on the way to Main Street.

Before we have a look around the market, I wanted to tell you one of the things I love most about the Davidson Market (besides the fact they have beautiful produce and gorgeous fresh flowers in the spring/summer.) It is the fact that they let dogs be part of the market as well. I’m always telling mum that I really wish they had a puppy booth, and you could walk the dog around the market. (Of course that could also be potentially dangerous for me as I love dogs and would want to take the pup home with me too.)

We did purchase some of the apples including mini Gala’s, Honey Crisp and Paula Red’s. They were all of the sweet, juicy variety as I’m not a tart apple kind of foodie.

I took a few photos of the produce once we brought it home, some are artsy, some aren’t.

See you in the spring Davidson!



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