Oh la la! Amelie’s comes to Rock Hill!

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I recently had my first Amelie’s experience at their new location in downtown Rock Hill. We were meeting a friend for lunch, and I couldn’t have been more excited. I’d heard about Amelie’s before, and walked past their uptown Charlotte location, but hadn’t had to the opportunity to visit till now.

I must say the decor was really fun, with stripes, interesting chandeliers throughout, finished and unfinished needlework pieces lining one wall, with another wall completely taken up with large windows. There is also an upstairs to this particular Amelie’s where you can go if you want to cozy up in a comfy chair and look down on the main floor below.

Check out some of my fun pic’s below…

When our guest arrived, it was time to head up to the counter and make the all important decision on what to have. I’d already made up my decision, the Dijon Chicken Salad of course (on baguette instead of croissant.) While the others went with the Tomato Bisque and the Turkey and Brie sandwich.

I was kind of anxious when it came time for me to order, since the lady taking the orders was French, I was so afraid I would say ‘Perrier’ incorrectly!

The Chicken Salad was EPIC, and I’m not even a huge mustard fan. (Of course, it was only when I got home that I found out that you could also purchase tubs of Chicken Salad To-go! Next time!)

We did however pick up a few sweet treats before heading out, some of which we enjoyed the following day.

So if you were inspired by this little post, head over to Amelie’s and see what all the fuss is about.



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