Eateries: Charleston, SC – Day 1

This week we headed to the southern costal town of Charleston, SC. Known for both it’s history and it’s ever blossoming food scene.

Our first stop was High Cotton for brunch. We’d been to their location in Greenville, SC a few times, and wanted to check out this one as well. My mum and I tried out the Farmers Omelet, mine with goat cheese, mum’s with the Gruyere.

Our second location was the smaller ‘satellite’ version of Caviar and Bananas in the Charleston Market. We found it by happy coincidence, as we were attempting to find something for dinner in the room. We were exhausted after the long drive, and walking through the chilly (but still warmer than where we’d come from) day in Charleston.

The Smoked Chicken Panini was so delicious! We had hoped to visit the larger location on our last day, but thanks to lack of parking anywhere remotely near their larger location, we were unable to visit it.

Moving on!

What ‘picnic’ is complete without a little dessert? We spied the Kaminsky’s Baking Co. across from the market, and headed right over. I snagged the last piece of peach, while mum and Jane (my sister) picked out the Mixed Berry.

Well, that’s the end of the foodie festivities for day one. Stay tuned for Day 2!



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