Eateries: Charleston, SC – Day 2

On our second day in Charleston we visited three different restaurants, each unique in their own way and spread out across the the city, including our final destination that was on one of the islands. (Connected by road, there were no boats involved on this venture.)

Our first stop was The Palmetto Cafe, located in our hotel. We were quite hungry by the time we made it downstairs from our third floor hotel room, and I knew what I was looking for before I even opened the menu. Eggs Benedict. It’s a breakfast dish that I always like to try out.

While we waited for our food, I really enjoyed the open layout of the restaurant with the view of the courtyard (too cold to eat out there) and the shops across the way.

Now, for the pictures.

I have to say my favorite part of the meal was the fresh berries. The raspberries were absolutely delicious. Now, if you’re wondering what’s with the pineapple pieces dipped in chocolate. The Pineapple is a symbol of hospitality in Charleston.

For lunch, we didn’t have any set plans, so when we spotted Saffron Cafe and Bakery we had to check it out. The cafe is comprised of a bakery, offering a wide selection of delectable desserts, a mini market with both familiar and unexpected finds, and a cafe that offers a mixture of both southern and middle eastern cusine.

Our last foodie find of the day was a recommendation. Wild Olive is located on John’s Island, about 20 minutes from the Charleston city center. We had hoped to visit an Italian restaurant while in Charleston, and this definitely fit the bill.

I ‘made up’ a dish, or rather took a few items off an existing one, because I didn’t want to eat lamb and I can only have goat cheese since dairy and I don’t get along. Mum and Jane (my sister) had one of the specials offered that night, Sweet Pea Ravioli. Everyone was more than pleased with their choices, and I would definitely recommend a trip to Wild Olive the next time your in the Charleston area.

Stay tuned for Day 3.


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