The Foodie Says: Hello, Sugarfina!

Sugarfina... love the blue.
Sugarfina… love the blue.

Words can barely explain the excitement I felt when I received my first order from Sugarfina. I had found out about them through blogger Cupcake and Cashmere (Emily Schuman’s) Instagram page. From the moment I saw them, I knew I had to try out these delectable looking sweets for myself. So, onto their site I went.

They carry a wide variety of delicious sweets, from chocolates to gummies as well as sweets from several different countries.

Love the handwritten note. It really gave the candies a personal touch!
Love the handwritten note. It really gave the candies an added personal touch!

I went with the sample sizes for my first order, just to get a taste and see what I liked. I was not disappointed.

So, let me introduce you to the delectable yumminess that came in my box of sweets.


These delicious gummies are imported from Germany and have the perfect balance of fruity flavor, sweet and texture. I would definitely give these a try if you like apricots as much as I do.


Made right here in the USA, these caramels are the most amazing blend of savory and sweet. When you first pop one in your mouth your tastebuds pick up the chocolate/carmel which is followed up with saltiness. Just the way I like it.


Another German import, these Black Currant Berries are in a word sublime. It’s a gummy with the flavor of one of my favorite fruit. There’s literally no way to go wrong with these.


This is my one and only Italian import on this order, but it definitely won’t be the last. The texture is exactly what you’d expect and the strawberry flavor is mindblowingly good. (Yes, I just made up a word there, but you’ll forgive me once you’ve tried them.)


Spring is just around the corner, so butterflies have definitely been on my mind. Made in the USA, these adorable butterfly gummies are absolutely delicious and each color is a different flavor all it’s own.

So what’s next for this foodie? I have to start thinking about what I’m going to order next! So, check out Sugarfina, and treat yourself to some delicious sweets!



One thought on “The Foodie Says: Hello, Sugarfina!

  1. Wow – those candies are all gorgeous and I like the company name Sugarfina. 🙂 Just what I’m trying to avoid with a diabetic husband but I may still have to try something!

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