Picnic @ Work

Sometimes when you’re really busy, it’s nice to pick something quick up and bring it back to work. This Thursday, since I was a chauffeur to an early morning Doctor appointment, I stopped by Reid Market over on Selwyn before heading into work.

I adore their Salmon BLT (well I take the bacon off so actually it’s a Salmon LT.) It has fresh salmon, lettuce, tomato, mayo on white bread. So pretty simple, and friendly for this foodie b/c there’s no cheese!

Another item I picked up was some lovely spreadable Basil/Garlic Goat Cheese from the Goat Lady (more later on that one) and some Saratoga water. I think it was the blue bottle that interested me in this one. Ordinarily I would have gone the way of the Fiji/Voss or Perrier.


Another plus about the sandwiches from Reid’s… they’re big enough that you can snack on them throughout the afternoon. Hello, happy blood sugar!


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