A Foodie’s Easter

This Easter we decided to do Easter Pails after we saw all of the delicious goodies on The Table Farmhouse Bakery’s Facebook page. There were chocolate bunnies, macarons, chocolate eggs filled with peanut butter, lollipops in all sorts of flavors. It was just too good to pass up.

When we first arrived at the artisan bakery we had a bit of a look around, enjoyed some brunch and then picked up our pails of goodies. (Check out my blog theavidpen for the post here.)

Check out our pails before we left the Table.

Today (Easter) we got some pictures of our pails as well as some close ups of the things we bought. (Yesterday was rainy, today was sunny and warmer making it ideal for some picture taking…)

  • Dark Belgian Chocolate Bunny (Note: The picture of the chocolate bunny is from the Bakery’s Facebook page. We didn’t want to take ours out of the wrapping yet as that’s a lot of chocolate!)
  • Chocolate Easter Egg
  • Macarons (every flavor)
  • Hand-Stamped Muslin Bags from Germany
  • Lollipops – Peach/Mango, Cotton Candy, Strawberry, Pink Lemonade
  • Honey (for The Bee Cause Project)
  • Fun Bird Notepad (for mum)

Stay tuned to my review of the macarons… Also, a little fun note. The peeps are pear. They also had coconut (white) and strawberry (pink) in store. Yummo!



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