From the foodies herb garden: Lavender Sugar

Last year we didn’t really do much with our lavender. We had good intentions though. There were plans of making cookies, lavender lemonade, but we got busy and it just didn’t happen… So this year I was bound and determined to start using our lavender.


Many foodies make flavored sugars, but few make flavored fructose. I’m one of those people who can’t have a lot of regular sugar, so when I was introduced to fructose (which comes from fruit) I knew I’d found what I was looking for. It is sweeter than normal sugar, so you only need a 1/3 of the amount in traditional recipes.

The lavender sugar is going to be the first of several flavored sugars I’m going to try out. It’s very easy to make and it gave me a chance to use one of the fun jars I purchased a few months back. (I have a thing for fun little jars!)

My jar
My jar

Wash and dry your little jar well before use. There should be no moisture for the sugar (fructose) to cling to.

Add some fructose.
Add some fructose.

I didn’t fill the jar… I wanted a little space for the sugar to breathe.

Harvest the lavender.
Harvest the lavender.

Don’t these look pretty? Our lavender has such a soft scent, not too overpowering which is nice.

Wash and air dry.
Wash and air dry.

It’s very important that you don’t add the lavender until there isn’t any moisture clinging to those crevasses. Moisture is your enemy here.

I snapped a pic for Instagram with the whole lavender first...
I snapped a pic for Instagram with the whole lavender first…
Then I pulled the lavender from the stem.
Then I pulled the lavender from the stem. (You can leave it whole if you prefer.)
All mixed up.
All mixed up.
Seal the jar until it's time to use.
Seal the jar until it’s time to use.

Well, there you have it. My first flavored sugar ever. I can’t wait to try making another… I think I’ll do vanilla next or lemon next. What do you think?



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