Our Meyer Lemon Bush…


We finally found our Improved Meyer Lemon Bush over the weekend thanks to the folks over at Campbell’s Greenhouse and Nursery. We’d originally been looking for a tree, but this beautiful bush is just perfect for the pot we had picked out for it.

Our littlest meyer lemons...
Our littlest meyer lemons…

Another plus, is what we discovered when we brought it home. Our first two lemons! Yes, they look like limes at the moment, but they will turn a lovely orangy-yellow when it’s time to harvest them.

All potted up

Things that you will need when potting your Meyer Lemon bush/tree in a container…

  • Pot with a hole for drainage (Meyer Lemon’s don’t like wet roots.)
  • High Quality Potting Soil
  • Mulch (enough to cover the top of the soil surrounding the bush/tree.)

Meyer Lemon Care

  • Water at least once a week. Meyer Lemon bushes like to be damp not wet. When it’s warmer outside you’ll need to water more often.
  • Make sure that your bush gets enough light. They prefer full sun.
  • Meyer Lemon trees cannot withstand cold temperatures. Once the temps drop below freezing, it’s time to bring your tree indoors for the winter.
  • The time for pruning your tree is during winter.
Flowers and buds
Flowers and buds

The flowers of the Meyer Lemon tree smell lovely, and according to the guy at the Greenhouse, some people buy the Meyer Lemon bush just for the flowers…

Well, that’s it for this post. I look forward to keeping you guys updated with how our little Meyer Lemon Bush is doing.


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