The foodie says: Let’s go to Hazelnut’s Creperie!


I have wanted to try Hazelnut’s Creperie ever since we passed it our our food tour last year (we were at McCormick and Schmick’s at the time.) So, this past Saturday in between the Van Gogh Alive Exhibition and the IMAX on Van Gogh’s life, we headed over to Hazelnut’s @ 200 S. Tryon.

We walked into the building from what was a chilly spring morning, and were immediately wrapped up in cozy warmth. Just a few steps up from the security area and we were in the lobby seating area, and walking straight into Hazelnuts. The smelled absolutely delicious to our grumbling tummies!


Now for the details… They have four categories of crepes: Breakfast, Savory, Vegetarian & Dessert. Plus, you can create your own in any of these categories. I had already made my decision the night before. Chèvre  & Mozz (w/o the Mozz.)

What is on this crepe? Scrambled Egg, Bacon, Mushrooms, Olive, Red Onion, Goat Cheese and Mozzarella. Mum went with the Turkey, Bacon Avocado (Mozzarella, Bacon, Turkey, Avocado, Lettuce, Tomato & Chipotle Aioli.)

Ingredients, please!
Ingredients, please!

There are a variety of juices, sodas and water, but we went with their sweet tea which tastes like it’s been sweetened with honey instead of sugar.

I took a snap of our crepe’s being made. 
Close up of mum's.
Close up of mum’s crepe.

The crepes were absolutely scrumptious, and add to that the lovely french cafe music and atmosphere, it’s an absolute must visit. I know I’m going back very, very soon.

Hazelnut’s is open from 8-3p 7 days a week. I would suggest getting there well in advance or after the lunch rush, or you’ll have quite a wait on your hands. So, check it out…

Note:  Due to the aforementioned lunch rush, you can place take out orders before 11:30a or after 1pm Monday-Friday.


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