Foodie on the go: 4th of July Prep!

This past Saturday we decided to do a little 4th of July prep. We had a few places in mind over in the South Park area, and added a few to the list along the way.

First up, Williams Sonoma (or as I call it, Wilmies.) Where we were in search of some red, white and blue and then found ourselves distracted by all the ice cream displays. This turned out to be a good thing, as we decided why not make ice cream the featured dessert for our Independence Day celebrations?

I picked up these red and blue straws to bring in the colors of the holiday, and also picked up these french shell candies. (Which were both essential and non-essential if you know what I mean.)

Patriotic Straws
Patriotic Straws
French Sea Shell Candies
French Sea Shell Candies

We were quite hungry at this point, but we decided to make one last stop @ Crate and Barrel before heading over to Zoe’s Kitchen. After several rounds around the parking area for a spot, we finally decided to opt for the parking deck across the way and head in.

Every time I walk into this store I have to resist grabbing everything in sight. Why? Because they have so many awesome things!

First let’s see some of the 4th of July items they had on display.

Now for the items that I walked away with… Two pairs of fun chopsticks and a chopstick rest. Why? I love Asian food, and hope to find an amazing Asian cooking class to take in the near future.

Chopsticks x2 and fun Chopstick Rest
Chopsticks x2 and fun Chopstick Rest

Moving onto Zoe’s for a little lunch…

Chicken Salad Sandwich for me...
Chicken Salad Sandwich for me…
Kabobs and Salad for mum.
Chicken/Veg Kabobs and Salad for mum.

Now for our last stop of the day… Whole Foods! They were out of my goat mozzarella last time, so we had them hold two bars for us so we wouldn’t be disappointed this time. Apparently I’m not the only one who adores goat mozz!

After we picked up the cheese we decided to check out the desserts & candy they had on hand.

We picked up some patriotic jelly beans to create our own little jars before heading back over to the floral department to pick up our flowers. (Stay tuned to my blog theavidpen for photos of our patriotic floral arrangement.)

Here are some pics I snapped of my little arrangement for my writing studio/bedroom.

Well, I hope you enjoyed our prep for the 4th!



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