The Olive Tap Part 1


We visited ‘The Olive Tap’ located in Ballantyne on Saturday, July 12, because we were in search of some Tuscan Herb EVOO. It was the first time we’d visited this particular olive oil shop, and were pleased to see the unique variety of olive oils and balsamic they have in store.

I really liked the layout of the shop, everything was on it’s own side of the shop. Olive Oils to the right as you walked in the door and Balsamics to the left.

One fact I was very happy to learn was that they deal with fused olive oils. You’ll recall from my earlier posts that fused means the herbs/spices are pressed with the olives instead of added later. This gives you a much better overall flavor without being overpowering.

Now, I’m not really a balsamic kind of girl. However, I do enjoy some Raspberry Chocolate Balsamic on ice cream from time to time though. I’m definitely going to try their Mango Passionfruit Balsamic soon.


Now let me tell you something this shop has to offer, that has the particular foodie very excited… Tap Into Fun Fridays! Every Friday night starting @ 5:30p they have a chef come in and do five courses of tapas. Since the menu (below) looked so delicious we immediately decided we would be attending the event on the 18th.


Looks delicious right? Well, stay tuned for ‘The Olive Tap Part 2’ and see pictures from the event. Also, if you live in the Charlotte area, consider checking out the Olive Tap for yourself.

15235 John J Delaney, Ste. E, Charlotte, NC

PS. If you looking for more information their products, recipes or just want to learn more about the store, you can also check out their website.



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