The Olive Tap Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 our ‘The Olive Tap‘ experience. We arrived promptly @ 5:30p. It’s a must if you want to get one of the comfy seats around the cooking station… and this foodie likes a front row seat!

Since we were the first to arrive and the chef was putting the finishing touches on the first tapas course, I took the opportunity to walk around and get a few more pictures of the shop. I absolutely love the peacock painting!

Course 1 | Greek Style Grilled Chicken w/Manestra (aka Orzo)

Course 1
Course 1

For this course, Personal Chef Sylvia Anton used the shops Meyer Lemon Olive Oil. To give a nice lemon flavor, the grilled chicken was both cooked and drizzled with the Meyer Lemon Olive Oil for a finishing touch.

Course 2 | Cuban Black Beans and Rice

For the Cuban Black Beans, the chef cooked them in chicken stock along with oregano, garlic, bay leaf and lime juice for a nice touch of citrus. The rice base was also cooked in chicken stock which gives it a better more full bodied flavor along with celery and carrot. To finish off this course, the black beans were topped with Jalapeño Olive Oil.

Course 3 | Feta Stuffed Mini Lamb Burgers w/ Tzatziki Sauce

Burgers cooking...
Burgers cooking…

I will admit that the burgers smelled good, but one I don’t eat lamb and two they had serious dairy. Now, if you are a foodie who enjoys lamb, here are the details on this course.

A mixture of minced garlic and shallots was incorporated into the meat before the feta cheese was added in. It’s very important not to overwork or pack your meat, so you need to only mix it up enough to incorporate the ingredients.

To form the meatballs, use a ice cream scoop, make a little hole in the middle and stuff in the goat cheese. Next, roll it flat in your hand and place on parchment paper until you’re ready to cook it. These particular burgers were cooked in Oregano Olive Oil (the chef’s favorite herb.)

The Tzatziki was made with Greek Yogurt, Persian cucumbers, dill, mint, Meyer lemon olive oil and a little salt.

Finished product...
Finished product…

Course 4 |  Grilled Ahi Tuna with Sliced Pineapple, topped with Jalapeño Olive Oil

Here is something important to remember when creating this particular course. Be sure to salt your tuna before you sear it, but don’t over salt it.

I really liked the mixture of flavors with this dish, even though Tuna is not a fish I particular go for. It has a nice blend of citrus with a little kick from the Jalapeño olive oil drizzled on top. Trust me, it was impossible not to go back for seconds.

Course 5 | Bordeaux Cherry Balsamic Chocolate Ganache over Ice Cream and Fresh Berries

Dessert time...
Dessert time…

Here’s a few things we learned…

  • Ganache is a mixture of heavy cream and chocolate, or as Chef Sylvia likes to say, it’s ‘sexy’ chocolate.
  • Always add a little salt to your sweet. Salt helps mellow out the sweet so it’s not too overpowering.

Well, that’s our evening in a nutshell. So, if you’re in the Charlotte area, I definitely recommend stopping by the store on a Friday night. The event is $10 and for that amount you get delicious tapas, a cooking lesson, and wine. Not a bad way to spend your Friday evening.

Note: For those who don’t drink, like this particular foodie, they have Sparkling Cider on hand.



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