About a month ago we went to Chuy’s located over in the South Park area (Charlotte, NC.) We’d seen it a few times before, but we decided to try it out before we picked up the plates in the last post.

It wasn’t what one would expect, and honestly when we stepped through the front door we were so overwhelmed by the explosion of decor we almost walked right back out. However, we decided after a minute we decided to give it a shot.

Our first choice of seating was the outside area, but in the end, the day proved to be just too toasty to be outside.

Outside seating area.
Outside seating area.

We looked over the menu for awhile before making our decisions.

After much deliberation, I decided to go with the soft tacos, and mum opted for the taco salad. I was curious to see how their re-fried beans measured up to my to my favorite Mexican restaurant’s (Zapatas.)

Thankfully the Fajita Chicken was not to overpowering with spice.
Thankfully the Fajita Chicken was not too overpowering with spice.
Mum's taco salad...
Mum’s taco salad…

The beans were not quite up to what I’m used to, but were still good. The guacamole was delicious (and this is from someone who only started eating guacamole this year.) What can I say, I was a little late to the whole avocado game.

All in all, it wasn’t a bad experience, and I could possibly see myself visiting again in future.



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