The foodie goes to… Davidson

Last Saturday we took another fall foodie outing to Davidson, North Carolina. This time we weren’t in search of the farmers market as we usually are, but we were in search of pears. They’re no ordinary pears either. These delicious creations of pure yumminess can hardly be described in mere words. Inside the flaking, sugar crystal covered crust is a perfectly poached pear with a secret of it’s own. A chocolate secret that is. However, before we can get to those delicious pears, we need to start with what we did first. Breakfast. The Millstone Bake House & Provisions…

Ready for fall.
Ready for fall.


What to order?
What to order?

We both went with the Breakfast Sandwich. You can build it from the list on the wall and come up with the combo that suits you best. Since it was cold outside, we opted for hot tea as well.

Hot Tea!
My breakfast sandwich...
My breakfast sandwich…

The one thing I would have changed about the sandwich, is the over abundance of butter used on top. Since I’m dairy intolerant it’s a big no-no, plus the taste was a bit overwhelming. Now… Moving onto the pears. The Millstone Bake House has the magazine write up on display, and the entire article on the owners of the bakery. (They own and run a farm in Morganton.)

Famous Pears!
Famous Pears!

We picked up a little lunch before we left…

Lunch for later...
Lunch for later…

… ran a few errands and then went home…

Chicken Salad Sandwich
Chicken Salad Sandwich

The Chicken Salad was a bit too salty for my taste… but the main thing we went to the Millstone for, did not disappoint in the least…

We three pears...
We three pears…


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