Last December right after Christmas I visited the Teavana store in one our local shopping malls for the first time. My sister had been talking about them for ages, and when she came home for the holidays we decided to check it out.

You can sample some of the teas they have on hand, and peruse the various tea pots and tea related items they have in store. They have a variety of loose teas, and you can order a cup of both hot and cold teas to enjoy. The minimum purchase for loose teas starts at 2 ounces.

The Wild Orange Blossom smells delicious….

In case any of my fellow tea lovers were unaware, the teas served at Starbucks are from Teavana… I absolutely love the Passion Tango. It has the flavors of hibiscus, mango, lemongrass, cinnamon (you can really taste the hint of cinnamon at times) and apple. If tart isn’t your thing then I would ask for more than three pumps of the Classic Syrup with this one. Another plus is this particular tea is caffeine free so it doesn’t matter how late in the day you choose to enjoy a cup.



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