Reid’s | Southpark

Since I first heard about the Reid’s opening next to the Southpark Mall, I couldn’t have been more excited. It had taken the place of City Tavern which was formerly Morton’s Steakhouse, and was the largest Reid’s so far.

We arrived there shortly after 12:30 hoping to catch their Saturday breakfast, however despite the fact that all the food, plate and someone to help serve still being out we were told that it was no longer being severed. Imagine our disappointment. The food was still out taunting us for most of the time we were there.

Not to be deterred, however, we looked around and made the best of things. You can eat in the restaurant area of the market whether you order something off their menu or pick up something at the sandwich/salad or dessert counters…

The Cheese Counter…
Some ‘cheesy’ closeups.
Feeling Spicy?
Fancy some citrus?
Some charcuterie ideas.
Salmon BLT without the B.

Here’s hoping the next time we venture to this particular Reid’s we make it for breakfast!

Note: They also serve Brunch on Sundays.


One thought on “Reid’s | Southpark

  1. They must be doing pretty well to open up one that large. Are there just the three of them including the one in Indian Land?

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