Get Your Veggies | DIY Gardening

Have you ever wanted to create your own vegetable garden? Where we live all we can manage is a herb garden on the back deck in a collection of pots, but my sister and brother-in-law have the perfect area behind their home to create their own garden.

Since my brother-in-law is handy at building all sorts of things, he made the boxes by hand and I asked if I could share about it on the blog. Before I share some of the photos of him building the boxes and getting everything planted… here are some of the veggies they are growing in their new garden.

  • Corn
  • Lettuce (4 varieties)
  • Okra
  • Onions
  • Peas
  • Squash
  • Tomatoes (3-4 varieties)
  • Zucchini

To create their vegetable garden, my brother-in-law first made the boxes.

Thinking it all out.
Thinking it all out.
Coming all together.
Putting the finishing touches on the boxes and laying down the lining.
Time for planting...
Now that the dirts been added it’s time for planting…

Since they have deer in the area, they thought ahead and created a fence to help protect their garden from intruders.

Getting started...
Getting started…
All done.
All done.

Planting time!

I’m looking forward to seeing pictures (and hopefully sampling!) some of the veggies from this garden.


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