82 Queen | Charleston, SC

Our first stop on the first vacation for 2016, was at 82 Queen (located on Queen St. in Charleston, SC.) It had come highly recommended by mum’s colleague (who we were meeting up with for lunch) and I was quite excited to try some of Charleston’s Cuisine.


The restaurant has both inside and outside seating, and when we arrived it was quite busy with most of the outside tables filled. Thankfully we were able to secure one of the tables in the covered outside seat area for lunch as the weather was absolutely gorgeous.


Biscuits are the bread of choice in the South, but since dairy and I aren’t exactly friends, I left my biscuit for the others at our table to enjoy. They did smell delicious though!


I ordered the Low Country omelet with fresh shrimp, crab, spinach and cherry tomatoes. It came with a side of grits, which I didn’t get into because although I’ve lived in the South for most of my life, I still don’t like grits. The Omelet however was absolutely delicious, especially the shrimp. It was really fresh, not fishy tasting at all and the perfect consistency. Yum!

Mum and my sister ordered the Tomato Pie with the side salad. My sister remarked that it tasted similar to spaghetti with the consistency of a quiche. Sounds delicious to me!

If you’re headed to Charleston, SC soon, I would definitely recommend that you try out 82 Queen and check out some of the French Quarter shops and art galleries while you’re at it!


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