A Day at Windy Hill Orchard

This past weekend, my sister and bro-in-law made the trip to York, South Carolina to visit the Windy Hill Orchard. For those of you who have never been the Orchard is famous (for locals at least!) for their ciders and fresh donuts.

Picture by: M Jenkins

Foodie: What was one of the most unique part of your experience?

Jane:  The hogs were fun to watch. You can feed the pot bellied pigs for 25 cent.


Foodie: When is the best time to go?

Jane: Summer is where it’s really at apparently. Once the apples are ready to pick. Then it’s pick your own apples, they have fresh ciders, cider slushes, hay rides, etc.


Foodie: How was the cider?

Jane: They only have hard ciders right now. Their fresh cider is in the summer. They make all their own ciders from the apples they grow.

Foodie: How about beverages for kids?

Jane: They also sell cheer wine and coke in a bottle. That’s what the kids were drinking bc the apples aren’t ready for fresh cider yet.

Foodie: What goodies did you enjoy?

Jane: The only thing we had to eat were the cinnamon sugar donuts. I wanted to take a pic of the donuts being made but we got there just as a batch finished.

Foodie: What did you buy to take home?

Jane: We got souvenir glasses and some cider to go and Mike bought a t-shirt.


Here’s hoping I can make it to the Orchard when those apples are ready for harvest!



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