Gusto! | A Foodie Lunch

During a busy work week, it’s rare that I get to try out a new place, but when I do I like to share about. Wednesday is the day my grandfather always picks me up for lunch and I always look forward to it. It gives me a chance to get a way, get a little perspective and enjoy some good food,


This week, we decided to try out Gusto! for the first time. It’s located in Ballantyne, and they offer Italian fare as well as fresh pastas and sauces that you can purchase. Who doesn’t love fresh pasta?!


My grandfather went with the Bolognese and throughougly enjoyed his choice. The combination of the fresh pasta and whipped ricotta made the dish even more delicious.

Caprese Paccheri Pasta

I went with the Caprese Paccheri Pasta w/0 the mozzarella. The fresh Paccheri noodles were tossed with pesto, chicken and cherry tomatoes.  Yum-my!

The next time I visit Gusto I think I’ll try some of their tapas. Want to try out Gusto! for yourself?  They are open for lunch, dinner and Sunday Brunch.



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